Experiencing hair loss is already part of the cycle which every person should deal with it normally but effectively. Although this condition could have gained acceptance to a few, still losing a great amount of hair causes much anxiety most especially to women. People would really look for a baldness treatment that could treat their hair loss problems by hook or by crook. If it does not work, they always find another solution for that matter.

Hair loss problems are expected to be more prevalent to men than in women. This is because of these male hormones that are mostly seen on men that is the culprit behind most thinning of hair and balding cases.

As a trivia, there is a certain enzyme that works to convert these hormones into something else called DHT. DHT is said to have caused the abnormalities in one’s hair growth because of its adverse effect on hair follicles. If more DHT are converted, the more chances that one would suffer from hair loss, which would then lead to permanent and total baldness.

From this fact alone, you would immediately think that that best way to treat baldness is to get rid of that DHT. But how would we be able to exactly do it? Here are some ways that you might as well check and consider to help you deal with your problem successfully:

  • DHT blockers
    If you want to reduce the damage that is being caused by DHT on your whole system, then you should better look for something that blocks DHT into affecting your hair follicles. Drugs that effectively blocks DHT may be available over the counter or through a doctor’s prescription.
    You should be very careful whenever you are using these DHT blockers. This is because while it is true that it helps you slow down balding, it might just pose danger to your health. Always consult the experts regarding this matter before actually using it. Remember that it is always best to be very careful that losing everything in the end.
  • Drugs that reduce the production of DHT
    While there are drugs that block the adverse effects of DHT onto your hair follicles, there are also some drugs that actually reduce the production of components that produces DHT. When the production is being reduced to minimum, then you are most likely to get rid effectively of your problem on hair loss.
    However, there is danger in using these products as this might lead to some adverse side effects. Never hesitate to consult first your doctor before using it.
  • Hair growth enhancers
    You can try using treatments that enhances hair growth on areas that are bald. However, in most cases, even if no matter how diligent you are in applying these hair growth enhancement treatments, it would still not work if the internal problem remains to be unsolved.
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