Loss hair comb in women hand
While men have this so-called male pattern baldness, women also have this condition called female pattern baldness. This is one of the common hair loss problems that women suffer. A genetic component which a woman inherited from her mother or father is the main cause of this very problem.

This type of hair loss is sometimes referred to as androgenetic alopecia which actually starts as early as teen years. It is said to be that hair loss is more severe the earlier it starts. Hence, if one experiences unusual hair fall every day, it would be best to really seek the advice of the experts.

Men start receding hair at the forehead. Women, on the other hand, have this visible thinning of hair over the crown. In most cases, what transpires during this period is that there will be shortened hair growth cycle and at the same time the hair strands do not actually achieve their usual length. So when the ponytail gets smaller, you are most probably experiencing hair loss and that you need to see your doctor.

Dealing with hair loss problems for women is really a big deal. This is because they always find their hair as their crowning glory. You surely cannot just cut and shave your hair like men do. This is because women are said to be more beautiful when they have that long shiny locks. So how exactly are you going to treat this problem? Here are some ways:

  • Medications from professionals
    There are actually a lot of possible medications that your doctor could recommend to you. These would vary depending on your special case. If your problem has already become more severe, then a stronger medication would be recommended for your case.

    We often hear that the very drug that suits most women is the so-called Minoxidil. This generally works for women as it only takes a few months before you can see best results. However you should be very careful in using this product as it sometimes causes adverse effects to you.
    These medications are safe to use when specifically prescribed by the professionals. But of course it cannot be denied that there are times that such would cause problems in one way or another like skin irritation and risk to one’s health condition. Better yet, always consult the experts whenever you want to try these type of hair loss treatments.

  • Hair Transplant or grafting
    If you want it to be fast, then consider having a hair transplant or grafting. In just a matter of days, you would see thicker and fuller hair. Since it actually involves surgery, you could expect that there might be some problems that you would encounter such as scarring, infections and the like. This method only works best when you have the best expert to do a hair transplant for you.
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