We often associate baldness with old age. However, recent studies show that even young men and women are susceptible to balding and thinning of hair. Even in their 20s or 30s, they can already show early signs of hair loss.
For men, it frequently starts at the forehead. The hairline recedes gradually until every single hair is gone. As for women, who are not so prone to hair loss, the first sign that they may encounter is thinning of the hair. If it is not treated immediately, there is a great chance that permanent baldness may occur.
Losing hair is a big deal for most people. That is why experts are studying continuously possible solutions that can cure hair loss problem that affect large numbers of people. Fortunately, they have come up with many potential cures for baldness.
However, not all provide excellent results. In fact, there are some that are still under experimentation. Here are the some that have shown great promise:

  • 3-D spheroids
    This is done by coaxing new hair growth from humans. These few hair strands are cultured and then the hair is grafted into the subject. However, use of this method is still at an early stage and has only been proven in animals.
  • Compounds that prevent stress hormones
    There is a study which shows that one of the reasons people experience hair loss is due to stress. A hormone called corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) is the culprit behind this condition. In this instance, the best way to reduce the possibility of hair loss is to block these hormones. However, like the previous cure, it is still only at the experimental stage.
  • Latisse
    This was originally used to treat eye conditions, particularly glaucoma. Researchers noticed that those who have used Latisse to treat their condition grew thick and lavish eyelashes. While this was approved by the authorities for that very purpose, it still it needs more studies to approve it as a cure for baldness.
  • Use of fat cells
    It has been observed that the thickness of skin shrinks on areas where there are bald spots. The scalp has a layer of fat and the fat layer produces platelet derived growth factors (PDGF) which are necessary for proper hair growth. In the absence of these fat cells, hair stops to grow. There are, however, no concrete studies to show that this solution will give good results.

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