If you are losing a number of hair strands more than the average number per day, then you are most probably experiencing some serious hair loss problems. Dealing with balding or thinning of hair is not that easy. Although there may be a lot of hair treatment products that are available in the market, you are still not guaranteed that it will work on your very case.

The most important consideration that you must have before thinking of the manner in which you would be able to effectively deal with your balding problem is to know first the real cause of your condition. From there, you would certainly be able to determine which solution would suit your case best. Here are some of the methods that experts recommend to delay or stop hair loss:

  • Prescribed medications
    There are certain medications that are specifically formulated to delay or stop baldness. Some are made just for women and some are intended just for men. But whatever its variety, it still gives relief to those who are suffering from this kind of condition. It simply gives everyone a sign of hope that baldness can be addressed effectively with the right type of medication prescribed.
  • Getting hair transplants
    This type of method is usually done for men who have this so-called male pattern baldness. It is performed by placing one or two hairs at a time, making it appear very natural. If you are really in a hurry to see hair grow in some of your bald areas, then this could be a good method that you can consider.
  • Restoration surgery
    This actually involves transplantation or redistribution of hair on areas where thinning of hair or balding is apparent. What happens here is that the remaining hair you have will be removed and distributed to the entire area. It actually works only on small areas like those that are scarred. This method is commonly done on men and not for women.
  • Laser treatment
    This is a therapy which is done to stimulate hair growth. It actually increases the blood flow to hair follicles. There are those that are performed in clinics or specialised centres but there are also those that can be done at home through a laser comb or brush which can be purchased in the market.
  • Activating dormant hair follicles
    Usually, when hair follicles go dormant, you would certainly lose your hair. It may be that the hair in that area will appear thinner or that it actually does not create hair at all. But with this method, dormant hair follicles that contain small tiny hair will be activated and thus will be enhanced to let the hair really grow effectively.
    This is a natural hair loss treatment that helps in delaying or stopping hair loss before it gets to worse. It is composed of traditional herbs that are scientifically formulated to address the problems that most people experience. There are no side effects or health dangers that are provoked in using this product. With RUTEX MAX, you would certainly be able to grow back your hair naturally.