Hair Loss

You typically shed 100 to 125 hair strands a day, or fewer if you already have thinning hair. However, if you suddenly notice that you are shedding more hair each day, especially if there are already bald spots on your scalp, then you may start to become concerned. If it starts to affect you psychologically or dents your confidence, then you may be in need of an effective hair loss treatment.
Hair loss is a condition that is often seen in individuals as they get older. But it can affect anyone at any age. To address the problem, many people immediately apply harsh chemical treatments believing that these will reverse their hair loss problems. But the truth is it only increases the existing toxins in the hair follicles, which is the very cause of the problem. Instead of nurturing the scalp, it only damages it further and may cause hair follicles to swell and become blocked which restricts normal hair growth.
They always say that your hair is your crowning glory. That is why for many, hair loss is a scary problem that needs to be dealt with effectively as soon as practicable. If you need a solution, don’t reach for the harsh chemicals that are available in the market.
Here are some of the ways that you can effectively fight hair loss problems:

  • 1Cleaning your scalp regularly
    The first thing that you should consider if you have a hair loss problem is to regularly clean your scalp. Doing this strips away the excess oil which contains toxins that damage your hair follicles. Cleaning simply removes the particles and germs that cause the hair loss problem in the first place.
    However, cleaning your scalp too frequently can also harm normal hair growth as it takes away too much of the oil that conditions the scalp and prevents your hair from drying out. Take a balanced approach; cleaning the scalp is good, but don’t overdo it.
  • 2Increasing humidity
    This is sometimes used as a treatment for people that have skin problems because it naturally promotes healing within the skin. It has a similar effect on your scalp. At night, you can try using a heat humidifier to create moisture in the air. In this way, it will naturally restore and revitalise the hair growth in your scalp.
  • 3Scalp massage can help
    Massage is a method that is proven to stimulate and increase blood circulation in the body. As we all know, hair loss may sometimes be caused by stress and/or lack of nutrients. Massage your scalp well to stimulate blood flow and also to help spread nutrients evenly through your hair and scalp.
  • 4Externally and internally treating hair loss
    A lot of people think that hair loss problems can only be deal with from the outside by applying expensive hair loss treatment products. However, treating it on the outside only is not enough. There may still be hormonal imbalance, toxicity in your food and other conditions inside your body that need to be dealt with accordingly. Make sure that you feel good on the inside to maximise the effects of any external treatment.
  • 5Consider using RUTEX MAX RutexMax-300-242
    RUTEX MAX is different from the typical hair loss treatments that you will find in the market. It is completely natural and safe for anyone that suffers from hair loss problems. RUTEX MAX is a hair growth complex that is made from traditional herbal plants known to have beneficial effects on hair growth. Unlike other treatments, RUTEX MAX is mild and gentle on the scalp. That is why when it comes to hair loss treatments, this is the only cure that totally guarantees absolute efficiency in dealing with falling hair and baldness.
    Rest assured that RUTEX MAX will definitely help anyone when it comes to combatting hair loss problems. Try it and experience great results.