hair-Loss2Between men and women, men have by far the biggest share of problems when it comes to hair loss. Hair loss in men is typically referred to as male pattern baldness which actually starts with the receding hairline on the forehead.

Although most men are not that vain and conscious when it comes to their hair, hair loss is still a problem that most men really want to handle effectively. This is the very reason why lots and lots of hair loss treatments are made available in the market in the hope of solving hair loss problems for these desperate men.
When it comes to addressing hair loss problems in men, there are three key steps to consider:

  • Evaluate the severity of thinning of hair or balding in order to assess how it should be addressed effectively.
  • Identify the right treatment to use based on the evaluation made.
  • Apply the treatment best meeting your own individual needs.

It should be noted that the treatments that are to be applied will vary in results depending on the severity of the hair loss problem. If a certain hair treatment is applied to a wrong variation of the problem, then it will definitely not work. Hence, in order to be assured of the efficiency of a hair loss treatment, always consult the experts.

There are many hair loss treatments that are available in the market. However, there are actually only four main types of hair loss treatment commonly used by men. These are the following:

  • DHT Inhibitors
    This type of hair loss treatment actually works to reduce the amount or level of DHT being produced. DHT is the main culprit behind male hair loss. It damages the hair follicles sending them into a dormant state which means they are less productive in re-growing hair.

    By being able to reduce the production of DHT in body, you will lessen the chances that these hormones will damage your hair follicles. Used correctly, you may be able to effectively stop your hair from falling.

  • Growth Stimulants
    From the name itself, this type of hair treatment handles hair loss problems by enhancing the growth of your hair. However, while it is true that it actually helps in growing your hair back, it does not actually stop the problem with falling or receding hair. This treatment is only really useful when the problem with hair loss has been totally eliminated.
  • Anti-androgens
    Typical treatments that are massaged and applied onto the scalp are the so called anti-androgens. While the DHT Inhibitors work to lessen the production of DHT in the body, these anti-androgens actually block DHT from reaching your hair follicles. Most people say that when this type of treatment is applied together with DHT Inhibitors and Hair Growth Stimulant that you have the greatest chance of getting good results.
  • Anti-inflammatories
    This treatment works by reducing inflammation, itching, redness and flaking on the scalp. This plays a very important role because hair treatments that are intended to grow back hair will not work if underlying inflammation is not addressed first.

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