Male head with hair loss symptoms back side
Men are definitely prone to baldness and thinning of hair. In most cases when they get older, the more likely that they would be losing their hair. But there are also some cases wherein young men at their 20’s or 30’s are also experiencing this kind of problem. This is all because of the so-called male pattern baldness.

Both men and women experience this pattern baldness called androgenic alopecia. This problem is commonly attributed to the presence of androgens or those hormones that control masculine characteristics. In order to deal with this problem efficiently, here are some steps that you can do in order to fight early signs of balding and prevent further hair loss which would cause permanent baldness:

  • Determining what causes male pattern baldness
    From the start, you should be able to know and understand why you experience series of balding and thinning of hair. You should be able to know the basic facts at least for you to effectively combat with it.
    Male pattern baldness is usually caused by the so called DHT. Due to DHT, hair follicles tend to shrink, which is the very reason why men lose their hair. From this, you would be able to have an idea on how you would counter these possibilities. You can do this by lowering the level of these testosterones and preventing it from being converted into DHT.
  • Taking prescribed medication
    There are certain drugs that work by reducing possibilities of balding and inhibiting further hair loss. In some cases, they stimulate hair growth to some who are experiencing this kind of problem. But when you stop taking these drugs, the hair that started to grow will certainly fall off.
  • Consider having a hair transplant
    Hair transplant works by getting tiny patches of hair and moving it to a part of your scalp where there is balding. This may take several sessions, depending on the severity of hair loss.
    In this type of hair treatment, there is a small risk of skin infection and could be really expensive on your part. However, the good thing about this is that you get the best result which is definitely permanent.
  • Preventing insulin resistance on your body
    Some insulin circulating in your body which is considered in excess are sometimes associated with male pattern baldness. In order to stop hair loss, you should be able to cut down these levels of insulin by avoiding food that basically increases it.
    Usually, levels of insulin are caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. What should be done is to avoid excess carbs and exercise regularly. Keep fit and you will surely decrease possibilities of hair loss.
  • Use Rutex Max
    If you want something that is really effective, then you should try using Rutex Max. This is a natural hair loss treatment that is composed of traditional herbs that are scientifically formulated to give best results to your problems. It is definitely safe to use and also affordable for anyone to have.