stop hair loss naturally
One of the commonly disregarded facts about hair loss is the link between hair loss and bad hair care. This is because most of us believe that hair loss is due to old age, inherited genes and hormonal imbalance. What we do not know is that the basic things that we do to our hair everyday can be the very reason why we are losing it. That is why if we want to stop hair loss, we should start caring for our hair properly.

Changing your usual regimen for the hair is not really a guarantee that you will be able to restore your hair back to its normal state. It might be that there are still some underlying internal problems that you have to address in order to stop hair loss. But even if that is the case, caring for your hair the right way can make a big difference. Here are some ways that you can start caring for your hair:

  • Do not constantly subject your hair to heating
    Most people, especially women, are fond of using blow dryers to dry their hair. In the same way, some use irons and other heating methods to fix their hair. While the use of these procedures does not affect the hair right away, constant and frequent use can over time lead to a more serious case of hair loss.

    Basically, heat weakens hair. It damages the hair proteins. Although heat actually makes your hair look good when it’s just styled, in the long run heat makes your hair more brittle and fragile and you are then prone to hair loss. Likewise, your scalp may also be affected by these heating procedures as they may damage to your hair follicles.

    Try drying your hair the natural way. Avoiding heating procedures is a very simple way to prevent your hair from falling.

  • Avoid colouring your hair more frequently than 6 weeks
    Most women love to colour their hair once in a while, but it should be noted that dyeing it more often can seriously damage your hair.

    Like they always say, prioritise your health over beauty. Hence, it is better to have a full head of grey hair than lose everything in the end.

  • Style your hair gently
    You should be very careful in fixing and styling your hair. Doing a tight ponytail every day for instance can certainly cause hair loss eventually. That is why when you fix your hair; try to do it more gently. Do not make it so tight that the hair strands break.

    Hair loss due to hairstyles can be prevented. Thus, why wait for your hair to completely fall out when you can start caring for it right now?

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