RUTEX MAX is easy and convenient to use without any interference with your normal daily routines.

For best results, we recommended that you use the spray twice a day during a period of 90 days. Even when you start noticing new regrowth, you must continue using RUTEX MAX to achieve maximum results.



  • 1Apply RUTEX MAX twice daily; once in the morning and once at night.
  • 2Part your hair to expose the scalp.
  • 3Ensure that your scalp and hair are dry and clean to avoid dilution of the formula with water or other chemicals.
  • 4Spray RUTEX MAX directly onto your scalp (5-6 sprays) and massage into the affected area.
  • 5Do not use on irritated, inflamed or broken skin and AVOID contact with the eyes.
  • 6Wash your hands after use.
Store RUTEX MAX in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.


  • Although you will start to see positive results very quickly, we advise that you continue to apply RUTEX MAX and complete the three month treatment regime.
  • We also recommend that you continue using RUTEX MAX after three months of treatment, but you can reduce the dosage to three times per week.

Three x 60mL spray bottles (for three months continuous treatment).

Hair Growth Spray RutexMax

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