Losing a few strands of hair, like an average of 100 per day, is just normal. But the danger is that you will start to exceed the normal number of hair strands that you lose per day. This is an early sign that there is something wrong.

Here are some of the few signs that you should watch out for to know whether you are actually suffering from some hair loss problems:

  • You see more hair on your pillowcase whenever you wake up every morning.
  • Your hair gets thinner day by day.
  • You see more hair in the plug-hole after you shampoo your hair.
  • There are lots of hairs that are stuck in your brush.
  • Your hairline is receding.
  • Your hair grows at a slower rate.
If you notice that these signs are already happening, then this is the beginning of a more serious balding process. Hence, you should be able to address the situation immediately and effectively.
Although you can find a lot of ways and products in the market to treat hair loss problems, it’s still difficult to choose the one that to use. This is because what may work for one person might not actually work for you. In a worst case scenario, there is also the possibility that instead of stopping the balding process, the product that you have just bought actually hastens the whole process which may then lead to early total and permanent baldness.
However, your situation is not really that hopeless. There are still products that can work for you effectively without posing any risk to your health and safety. To help you, here are some natural balding treatments that you might as well want to try for yourself at home:
  • Use filtered water to wash your hair
    Tap water in our homes usually has chlorine added. This is said to be one of the factors that hasten the balding process in many individuals. Hence, for greater prevention, you can use filtered water to wash your hair. Filtered water is free from all kinds of components that might damage your scalp and hair.
  • Massage olive oil into your hair and scalp
    One good way to stimulate a healthy growth of hair is to massage your scalp. To make it more effective, use it with olive oil. It has already been used by many for decades and it works for them. Well, there is no harm in trying it so you better try doing it to yourself. This treatment might just work.
  • Use mild non-abrasive shampoo for your hair
    Although there is really no concrete correlation between your ordinary shampoos and your hair loss problems, it is still be better to take precautionary measures. Use something that is milder and free from harsh chemicals. In this way, you will be able to prolong the growth cycle of your hair.
  • Try a rosemary vinegar rinse
    This mixture can be available over the counter or you can just make it yourself. Rosemary vinegar rinse is good for people who have dandruff and are for those suffering from psoriasis. Hence, this could also be a good solution for you to slow down the balding process while your hair follicles regain the capacity to regrow hair.

    If you want something effective but safe, then you should opt to use natural balding treatments. With these types of treatment, you can certainly end balding successfully.