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Aside from old age, inherited genes and hormonal imbalance, one of the common causes of hair loss is due to poor and improper hair care. You may think that the products you buy in the market would be able to give you a fuller and more lustrous hair. But in fact, these products may only hasten the balding process.

You will find a lot of products that promise a lot of benefits for your hair. Although some really do provide good results, many of them actually cause harm to your hair. Using these types of products constantly may result in serious loss of hair which may gradually lead to total and permanent baldness. That is why, before it is too late, prevent hair loss today by properly caring for your hair. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Avoid, or at least limit, doing heating procedures on your hair
    Exposing your hair to heat will only weaken its protein component thus making it more brittle and susceptible to easy breakage. Most women, if not all, are fond of styling their hair using different heating procedures such as blow drying, curling iron, straightening iron and the like.

    As much as possible, if you really care for your hair, avoid exposing your hair to these procedures or at least limit them. If you continue to subject your hair to these heating procedures, there is a great chance that you will experience severe thinning of hair or go bald earlier than expected.

  • You can dye or colour your hair, but not too often
    Colouring your hair is fine as long as you do not do it too frequently. The average frequency of dying your hair must be every 6 to 8 weeks. Doing it too often causes damage to your hair. Maybe it’s better to let your grey show rather than risk losing your hair for a lifetime.
  • Do not fix your hair too tightly
    Women are fond of doing a ponytail or placing clips in their hair. Sometimes it is too tight and a few strands break and fall. If this is done every day, then you will most probably be losing more hair than usual which may then lead to thinning of your hair or worse, total baldness. If you want to minimise hair loss and balding, don’t tie hair too tightly.
  • Keep your scalp clean by washing it regularly
    You should always consider washing your hair regularly. Keep it clean and free from dandruff. It has been said that dandruff and other dirt on your scalp are some of the reasons behind hair fall. To avoid this happening, wash your hair often enough to keep it clean and free from dandruff.
  • Use wide-toothed comb for your hair
    As a general rule, never comb your hair when it is wet because it becomes brittle in this state. If there is really a need for you to fix your hair, try using a wide-toothed comb to prevent further hair loss.
  • Try RUTEX MAX to effectively prevent hair loss
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