You probably wonder why there are more and more people experiencing balding and thinning of hair nowadays. Most of them are already busy looking for the right hair growth spray that could help them.
Setting aside the fact that older people typically experience this kind of problem, there are also many people only in their 30s and 40s suffering already suffering from hair loss. With the kind of lifestyle that most of us adopt, hair loss problems will no longer be new to us. To help understand why we are losing our hair earlier, here are some of the possible causes that we should watch out for:

  • Hereditary
    If hair loss is due to ancestral hereditary, dealing with it can be very difficult. This is because most of the medications and treatments are not really designed to overcome genetics. However, like any other case, treating genetic hair loss can still be possible if done religiously with the right instructions and products. Although it may not be guaranteed to be totally effective, there are still chances that it will work on certain cases.
  • Imbalance of hormones
    In women, hormonal imbalance caused by irregular menstrual cycle, illnesses, pregnancy, childbirth or menopause may trigger hair loss. These cases are typically only temporary. However, if balding or thinning of the hair remains untreated, it may become permanent.
    In men, studies show that the primary cause of their hair loss problems is due to excessive amounts of the male hormone testosterone. This hormone usually binds with other hormones that eventually spread all throughout the body, particularly into the hair follicles. As it stays within the follicles, the hair will fall out. In the same way, it inhibits the regrowth of new strands of hair. Hence, if this is not treated as soon as possible, there is a great chance that the affected area will remain bald. It will never grow a single strand again.
  • Bacteria build-up
    Another cause of balding or thinning of hair is the bacteria being built up in the hair follicles. Sometimes, the oil that is locked up in the follicles is also the reason for such problems. Since a hair strand cannot normally grow with all the bacteria and oil blocking its way, the follicles eventually die and will no longer produce a new hair strand again.
  • Deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients
    Here the problem actually lies with an improper diet that lacks vitamins and nutrients. Improve your diet may help stop hair loss. It also helps to take regular exercise in order to become physically fit. Disregard your own health and you will really end up with more serious problem than just experiencing hair loss.
It is still never too late to change and treat the problem. There are a lot of hair growth sprays that are available in the market. However, you should be aware that there are some products that can never guarantee great results. That is why if you want real results, consider using RUTEX MAX. With RUTEX MAX, you do not have to worry about harsh effects as it is made from dozens of traditional herbal plants. This is a hair growth spray that is proven to be effective, yet gentle and mild. Why look further when you are already guaranteed results with RUTEX MAX?