We always associate balding with old age because this has been observed as one of the common changes that one would undergo when reaching an old age. However, there are few cases that men, even at their early 20s, are already experiencing balding or thinning of hair. This could be quite alarming because this should not be the case supposedly. The situation has turned out to be really different and unusual.
Premature balding, as they have commonly described it, is a great threat most especially to men. It has been increasing gradually through time. If you see men shave their heads, some of them are most probably experiencing hair loss problems.

Balding is not new but experiencing it earlier than the usual is a bit something new and quite alarming. That is why specialists were able to come up with a list of probable causes why men suffer from premature balding:

  • Pollution
    Dirty environment causes a lot of distress to many people. One of which is the early balding of men. Pollution could affect you either directly or indirectly. But no matter how severe it gets into your system, it still gives you one great disadvantage, and that is to let you suffer from early hair loss problems. The dirt that you would encounter from day to day would accumulate and could cause great discomfort to you most especially when it comes to your health.
  • Vices
    Vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol are few of the alleged causes of premature balding to men. If you have observed, most men who are into such vices have been seen with the early signs of balding. Remember that your hair growth is dependent on the nutrients from your body. With frequent smoking and drinking alcohol, you could not expect yourself to be as healthy as ever. Hence, if this would be the case, then you are also susceptible to suffer from balding.
  • Inadequate nutrition
    Lack of vitamins and minerals are the major cause why men are experiencing hair loss problems. This is because your hair is just dependent on the nutrients that it gets from your body. If what you are eating is not adequate and unhealthy, then this would only weaken the growth of your hair and thus hasten the balding process.
  • Poor lifestyle
    Have you been exercising lately? If not, then this could also be one of the reasons why you are having some hair loss problems. From time to time, you also have to consider your physical well-being. Take the necessary actions so as to give you a much better living without worrying about getting bald.
  • Stress
    Finally, stress is one of the most common causes that majority of people see in relation to premature balding. Working men are most seen to experience this kind of problem because of the stress and pressure that they got from their work. It creates a reaction into the hair follicles which prevents it from growing your hair naturally.

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